Los Caravaneros: A Procession for Peace

Los Caravaneros: A Procession for Peace

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Paige Muniz Senior majoring in Biology  María González wept as she recounted the day her son Andrés Ascención González went missing. She held a photo of her son with his description and his “date last seen.” “When your mother passes away, you are an orphan,” she said. “When your husband passes away, you are a […]

Why I do Interfaith – a Reflection

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By Claire Moll Claire is a Sophomore at Saint Louis University. We now live in a world where we cannot avoid meeting people from different belief systems.  At one level, our knowledge about other’s belief through our human interactions can bring us together.  Through this interaction and exploration, we find that although there are differences […]


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By Lauren Hashiguchi Right now I am reading a book about President Truman (Truman by David McCullough) and I have just read the section about the bombing of Japan. I am left feeling very angry. Again. I have felt this way about the bombing of Japan since history lessons in 5th Grade. Every single teacher […]

Left in the Cold

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Hundreds of miles away from Haiti, one of our own is attempting to understand some of the suffering of the Haitian people. Jesse Sullivan, founder of OneWorld and current aid to the ambassador of Haiti is spending an entire month in a tent on the streets of Washington, D.C. In doing so he intends to […]

Walk This Way

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In 2006, Blake Mycoskie, an entreprenuer and traveler living the American dream, saw an opportunity to help children in an unconventional way. While traveling around impoverished villages, he realized that children there had no shoes to protect their feet, their main mode of transportation. He returned to America determined to make a change. And so […]

Dr. Michael Kimmel: Cool Sociological Human

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by Laura Bowman I first heard about Dr. Michael Kimmel around the beginning of the fall semester last year. I had just moved back to my hometown to go to Illinois State University after going to SLU for a year, and as long as we are being honest, I was in a rather odd place. […]